6 *Everyday Things* That’ll Make Your Marriage Stronger Than Ever!

  1. Don’t be stingy with your affection

You don’t need to save the hugs and kisses for special occasions. Let them flow freely as you romance each other and life.


  1. Make time to discuss the small stuff

Sometimes as busy, working people, we rarely make time to talk to our partners about the small niggles of everyday life. But these little things have a tendency of piling up which can lead to frustration. Avoid.


  1. Celebrate EVERYTHING!

What’s the point of having a life partner if you don’t view him as the ultimate person to party with? Did you get a promotion? Is it his birthday? Is it any sort of an anniversary? Don’t feel shy to make it a big deal and put in an effort.


  1. Don’t keep secrets

Marriage is no place to have closets with skeletons! Don’t keep secrets from each other, even if they seem small and insignificant. You never know when they start to weigh heavy on your relationship.


  1. Spend time with other couples

And what does this have to do with your marriage? Well here’s what! Spending time with other couples makes you acutely aware of your own relationship. It’ll make you appreciate each other more or perhaps inspire you to connect like other couples do. Either way, we guarantee it’ll help.


  1. Share hobbies and interests

While we are all for individualism, it’s also nice to do things together in life. Enjoy art? Take a painting class together or visit a museum. You could even just buy some paints and brushes and put that Sunday morning to some good use.



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