What Your Favorite Animal Says About You

A lot of us probably carefully selected our favorite animal decades ago, back when we were learning animal sounds and looking at flashcards of horses and dolphins.

But all these years later, your favorite animal can still say something about your personality and who you are as a person. Besides cats, dogs and other pets, here are a handful of favorite wild animals who just might reveal a little bit about your inner self.



You are a social butterfly. You have a playful, easygoing personality, and there isn’t anyone that you feel uncomfortable talking to or befriending. Strangers are always welcome into your circle of friends – the more the merrier is your favorite motto.
You are a social butterfly. You have a playful, easygoing personality, and there isn’t anyone that you feel uncomfortable talking to or befriending. Strangers are always welcome into your circle of friends – the more the merrier is your favorite motto.



You are much sweeter than you might first appear – that’s just because it takes you a while to warm up to people. You attract fiercely loyal buds who will always stand by you no matter what, and that’s the kind of friend you are, too. You march to the beat of your own drum, and as long as you have your best friends supporting you, you can accomplish anything.



You’re goofy and never take things too seriously. “Class clown” describes you well – but you’re also good at showing off your intelligence. Not only do you love to entertain others, but everyone always seems to be entertained by you right back. No matter where you find yourself, you always make sure that you’re having the time of your life.




It can take you time to warm up to people, and you’re not a huge fan of crowds. You can be a little reserved at times, but once people get to know you, you’re a great conversationalist and an overall awesome person to be around. You also have a way of getting what you want – it’s all that wit and charm you possess.



There are a lot of misconceptions about you, and you don’t mind at all – you like the air of mystery. At heart, you’re a sweet, protective person with strong parental-like instincts. Taking care of others comes naturally to you, even if it doesn’t always seem like it on the outside. Ultimately others are in awe of your presence, and it’s very flattering.



You value your close friends, but also really like being on your own sometimes. People often look up to you, and thus you are good at handling a lot of responsibility. You have been described as “aloof” and “mysterious,” but it’s not a vibe you’re actively trying to give off. You’re just doing your thing. You’re cool and composed until someone messes with your friends. Then all bets are off.



You often feel that people underestimate or overlook you, when really you have so much to offer. You’re kind of the underdog, which just means it’s that much cooler when you prove everyone wrong. Friendliness is second nature to you, and there are very few people who have ever found a reason to dislike you.



Above all, you are very patient. Your friends think of you as the strong, reliable one, and letting people down is not something that you are at all OK with – so you don’t let it happen. You have a certain calm about you that gains the trust of others fairly easily, and that’s not something you take advantage of.



A lot of people may find you intimidating, but that’s only because they think you’re just too cool. You give off that “I have my shit together and could care less about the haters” vibe, and even if it’s not always true, you fake it really well. When you’re strutting down the street with all the confidence in the world, you’re pretty majestic looking. You are a natural born leader, for sure.



You march to the beat of your own drum, and that’s perfectly OK by you. You love finding new ways to stand out and express yourself. You take the words “quirky” and “unique” to a whole new level. All of your friends love your bold personality, and anyone who doesn’t, well, they don’t stay in your life for very long. You don’t have time for that kind of negativity.


You are a very athletic person, and you never let anyone forget it. You’re constantly running around, and you love that about yourself. People sometimes try to get you to slow down, and occasionally you’ll humor them … but then you’re right back to a fast-paced lifestyle.



People often go to you for advice because you have an air about you that exudes intelligence. You’re very wise, and you tend to gain people’s trust very quickly. You’d make a great leader, but you’re also down to let others take the lead – you’re pretty mellow about it all. You are the sweetest person that many people know, and often play the role of mom to your friends.



You’re not really one who likes to stand out – in fact, you like being an introvert. You tend not to make your presence very obvious, and often blend in with the crowd, but you wouldn’t have it any differently. People definitely underestimate you, as you are absolutely more interesting than you’re willing to let on. You’re OK with that, though. You let people see that side of yourself when it suits you.

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